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...back again in Europe in 2015! what great news!


22.10.15 - Warwick Arts Center (UK)
23.10.15 - Bristol – Simple Things / Festival (UK)
24.10.15 - Gateshead – The Sage (UK)
25.10.15 - Edinburgh – Liquid Room (SCO)
27.10.15 - Liverpool – Blade Factory Camp and Furnace (UK)
28.10.15 - Brighton – Brighton Dome (UK)
29.10.15 - Paris – Pitchfork Festival (FR)
30.10.15 - Antwerp – Trix (BEL)
31.10.15 - Gronningen – Oosterpoort (NL)
02.11.15 - Copenhagen – Grayhall (DK)

03.11.15 - Malmö – KB (SWE)
04.11.15 - Stockholm – Debaser Medis (SEW)
05.11.15 - Stockholm – Debaser Medis (SWE)
06.11.15 - Oslo – Rockefeller (NOR)
08.11.15 - Warsaw – Progresja (POL)
11.11.15 - Berlin –Huxley's (GER)
12.11.15 - Zürich – Rote Fabrik (SUI)
13.11.15 - Torino/Venaria Reale – Teatro della Concordia (IT)
14.11.15 - Marghera / Venezia - Rivolta (IT)
15.11.15 - Roma - Atlantico (IT)
17.11.15 - Istanbul - Zorlu Center PSM (TUR)

Xylouris White

avails: festivals / one offs / october - november 2015

Xylouris White is a unique collaboration between Singer/Lute Player George Xylouris and Jim White (one of the most unique drummers on the planet known from The Dirty Three/Catpower/Nick Cave & many more). George Xylouris is one of the best-loved artists on Crete, the largest and most populous of the Greek islands, Xylouris is a member of a clan long-regarded throughout Greece as musical royalty. A clan that hails from Anogeia, a mountain shepherding village down the hill from the Cave of Zeus, that hotspot of ancient mythology. To hear Xylouris play his long-necked lauto and sing songs of love and liberty in his impassioned, distinctive voice, is to experience tradition at its finest.
...and Jim White! Having first commanded international attention in the mid-1990s with the acclaimed Australian instrumental trio Dirty Three, the New York-based virtuoso is now the go-to guy for alt-A-list vocalists with collaboration in mind. Those who’ve worked with him – and all those he’s mesmerised as he plays - testify to his deft way with a rhythm, a downbeat, a jazz-fuelled wig out. His is a unique playing style forged in the then isolated Melbourne; a style that can sound like a full band one moment, and something stark and beautiful the next. PJ Harvey has said there is ballet in White’s light, precise touch. Will Oldham once remarked on White’s ability to dismantle a song, bit by bit, and rebuild it with his parts incorporated. The likes of Smog, Nick Cave, White Magic, Bonnie Prince Billy and Cat Power all know that there’s more to White’s drumming than mere accompaniment.

infos: http://www.xylouriswhite.com/
videos: http://www.xylouriswhite.com/#!concerts/cnnz

USA out of Vietnam


tour winter 2015

09.10.15 - 4AD (BEL)
10.10.15 - Desertfestival – Antwerpen (BEL)
12.10.15 - Milton Keynes- Craufurd Arms (UK)
13.10.15 - London – Moth Club (UK)
14.10.15 - Coventry – The Coal Vaults (UK)
15.10.15 - Paris – Le Buzz (FR)
16.10.15 - Strasbourg – La Laiterie (FR)
19.10.15 - München – Glockenbachwerkstatt (GER)
20.10.15 - Ljubljana – Channel Zero (SLO)
21.10.15 - Beltinci – Ambasada ZKM (SLO)
22.10.15 - Wien - Arena / 3Raum (AUT)
24.10.15 - Leipzig - UT Connewitz w/ Siena Rooh (GER)
27.10.15 - Hamburg - Hafenklang (GER)
02.11.15 - Amsterdam - Paradiso (NETH)

The musical influences of USA Out of Vietnam are both transparent and widespread, and include black metal, doom, drone, minimalist composition, sludge, noise, post rock, shoegaze, dream pop, nineties psychedelia and classic seventies radio dial pop. Particularly transparent is this love of pop music, dense seventies-style production, and harmonized vocals that swerves around hairpin turns. If you really wanted to try to harness this slippery eel you could say that the band’s sound is as equally informed by the stacked production and pop savvy of Jeff Lynne’s E.L.O. as it is by the crushing heavy drones of Sunn O)))). On their debut, USA Out of Vietnam proudly boast of their love of lush harmony and infectious melody but also like to push past the 3 minute traditional pop format with 10minute epics - psychedelic, in the truest sense of the word. With over 15 guest musicians appearing on Crashing Diseases and Incurable Airplanes their debut is vast in it's scope, and abundant with rich sounds. Brass sections elbow up to detuned and distorted Marshall stacked guitars, spoken word sections appear in unlikely spaces, vocoder vocals appear within breaths of angelic choir vocals, vintage synth and sampled noises hover over lush string sections while a piano beds down with crushing Swans-style pummelling.

USA out....on facebook
USA out.....on soundcloud
USA out.....video

Avec le soleil sortant de sa bouche (ex-Fly Pan Am)

record: "Zubberdust!" / Constellation Records

tour winter 2015

10.11.15 - Hannover – Glocksee (GER)
12.11.15 - Bruxelles - Botanique / Withloof Bar (BEL)
16.11.15 - Caen - Portobello (FRA) tbc
17.11.15 - Lille - L'antre 2 (FRA)
18.11.15 - Paris - Pop up du Label (FRA)
19.11.15 - Utrecht - Le Guess Who?-Festival (NETH)
20.11.15 - Liege - Live Club (BEL)
22.11.15 - London - Birthdays (UK)

27.11.15 - Coventry – The Tin at The Coal Vaults (UK)
28.11.15 - ATP Wales Nightmare before Christmas (UK)
30.11.15 - Amsterdam – Paradiso (NETH)
03.12.15 - Rennes @ Transmusicales (FRA)
06.12.15 - München Feierwerk (GER)
09.12.15 - Wien – Arena/3 Raum (AUT)
10.12.15 - Chemnitz - Aaltra (GER)
13.12.15 - Berlin – Roter Salon (GER)

Avec le soleil sortant de sa bouche began in Montréal in 2011, with bassist, singer and composer Jean-Sebastien Truchy seeking a new live ensemble to fuel his desired return to the highly structured afro-kraut trance rock that was a stock-in-trade of his previous group, the pseudo-legendary Fly Pan Am. Avec le soleil has by now careened towards mastery of a highly original, deeply satisfying, giddy and heady avant-funk. Anchored by the excellent bass and drum work of Truchy and Hasan, the group's music is woven with crisp stuttering guitar and keyboard lines and a dynamic palette of electronic interventions. The pair of exquisite and exhilarating 20-minute pieces featured on Zubberdust! is the culmination of the group's first two years of conceptual and somatic development.
This is (mostly) instrumental rock that exuberantly succeeds in blending a primitivist, hypnotic energy with cerebral pleasures, seeding an addictive trail of sonic brain-candy throughout the mixes. The band wholly embodies and channels its inimitable square grooves, while teasing out the innumerable joys of repetition via micro-deployments of ever-shifting electronic overlays – along with the occasional full-stop and 180 degree turn.

Avec le soleil.....on Constellation

Avec le soleil.....video

Avec le soleil....soundcloud

MORIARTY - "Epitaph"-Tour 2015

Before Dylan, before Robert Zimmermann, there were ancestors, songwriters and bluesmen named Woody Guthrie, Hank Williams, Mississippi John Hurt, Blind Willie McTell.... There were songs, too, that were transmitted from generation to generation, without any known author or accurate origins.
Haunted by these ghosts and in the company of a few connoisseurs – Wayne Standley, Don Cavalli, Moriba Koïta & Mama Rosin – we have dug into this not-so-distant past to assemble this collection of songs at once archaic and modern, that together compose a tale of love and relinquishment, seduction and addiction, crimes of passion, revenge, and desperate escapes.
One will encounter a bevy of fugitives, murderous lovers and highwaymen, righters of wrongs, deserted wives and husbands hooked on booze and gambling, a gang of exploited cowboys, an adulterous and proud woman, a kinky candy vendor, an inconsolable widower...


exklusives Pre-Release-Konzert zum neuen Album "Epitaph" / VÖ: 08.05.2015
30.01.15 Berlin - Volksbühne

...Deutschland-Tour im Juni 2015.

10.06.2015 Kulturkirche - Köln --> tickets
11.06.2015 Fabrik - Hamburg --> tickets
13.06.2015 UT Connewitz - Leipzig --> tickets
14.06.2015 Brotfabrik - Frankfurt --> tickets
15.06.2015 Kranhalle - München --> tickets
16.06.2015 Tollhaus - Karlsruhe --> tickets

...get in touch for summer festival!

ALLIE - "Allie" / new record out on R-A-R/Motor: 19.06.2015

Allie is a solo artist from Berlin. He released 3 records till today.
The first 2 were homerecorded and released with Ramin-Ton, a Berlin-based gang. He co-scored a film with Paul Giamatti and then played solo shows in New York, Paris and all over Germany & Europe. His third album "Uncanny Valley" came out in 2013 on Clouds Hill/Rough Trade and received positive reviews by Intro Magazine, ZEIT Online and was album of the week on Byte.FM.
Now Allie will release his new selftitled record "Allie" on june 19th 2015. Take care of him.....

You can listen to Allie here

find Allie here.

Oct 13th CZ Praha, Basement Bar (w/Paper Beat Scissors)
Oct 14th DE Darmstadt, Gute Stube
Oct 15th DE Chemnitz, Aaltra
Oct 17th DE Schwäbisch Gmünd, Sanderground (w/Silentbass)
Oct 19th CH Stein, Null.Kelvin
Oct 20th CH St. Gallen, Tankstell
Oct 21st DE München, Cord Club (w/Angela Aux)
Oct 23rd FR Ancienne Èglise Saint Louis, Tourcoing
Oct 24th FR Paris, Le Divan du Monde (w/Hold Your Horses & Sydney Vallette)
Oct 25th FR Le Mans, L'écluse Théatre
Oct 26th FR Le Mans, Radio Alpha Show (w/Vertiges)
Oct 27th FR Le Mans, Music For The Babies
Oct 29th DE Köln, Wohngemeinschaft
Oct 30th DE Bochum, Cafe Eden
Oct 31st DE Braunschweig, Nexus
Nov 05th DE Hamburg, Nachtasyl
Nov 07th DE Görlitz, Kühlhaus
Nov 08th PL Kraków, Klub Bomba
Nov 11th DE Berlin, Schokoladen
Nov 13th DE Esslingen, Alte Spinnerei
Nov 14th DE Freiburg, Swamp
Nov 18th IT Livorno, Ex Cinema Aurora
Nov 19th IT Torino, Da Emilia
Nov 20th IT Rovereto, Loco's Bar
Nov 27th DE Leipzig, Handstand und Moral
Nov 29th DE Ulm, Griesbadgalerie

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HELMUT - Polymono

"Focus on the right thing" - HELMUT sings on "MFYBUNCFM".
"Concentrate on what matters / whats important."
HELMUT leads us on, but he also leads us into the light. And what about that name. HELMUT. Capital letters, a monument, unshakeable. Old fashioned and dusty. And the music: Diaphanous, fragile, layered, at times searching and yet decisive, one point. Adrian Schull alias HELMUT takes his time, assembles loop after loop, combines unagitated vocals with minimal beats, rhythmic clips, handclaps and sometimes herbaceous guitar lines and shows us that diversions can also be short cuts on occasion. He concentrates on the essence, but rigorously refuses to wear blinkers. His loop-based songs open up space before they condense, align stringent and demanding beats with shimmering fragility and hit the proverbial nail on the head of what HELMUT's personal history is about: space for everything – in good time. No need to get pinned down.
His album POLYMONO has been released on Haldern Pop Recordings in early 2014 - together with producer Marius Bubat (COMA / Kompakt) HELMUT has taken his tracks apart and put them back together again, wrapped in electronic components. Sometimes the beats sound a little like Bitcrusher, another nuanced element in the clinking, whirring soundscape, breaking the organic overall picture without shattering it ...

...find HELMUT here.

28.05.15 - Immergut Festival / Haldern Pop-Bühne
06.06.15 - Malzwiesen Festival / Berlin
19.06.15 - Kassette / Düsseldorf w/Allie
20.06.15 - Schon Schön / Mainz
22.08.15 - Alinae Lumr Festival / Storkow

get in touch also for summer festivals

Dorian Wood - Rattle Rattle
Proud to present:
DORIAN WOOD - this guy from California/USA is a musical whirlwind, a thunderstorm. He does theatre performances as well as intimate piano shows - reminding us very much of Anthony & the Johnsons by the way. But he can also be a crazy devil out of hell, a whiskey-built brother-in-mind of Tom Waits. Dorian Wood can play all kinds of musical facets and fragilities. In January/February 2014, Dorian will be touring in support of his latest album Rattle Rattle (newly released on vinyl by European label Atonal Industries). Rattle Rattle is an epic collection of original doomsday-themed songs that form one strong, continuous piece (think Scott Walker re-doing Brian Wilson's Smile). On the record he hosts guest musicians like Sebastian Steinberg (Fiona Apple), trumpet player Daniel Rosenboom (Josh Groban), violinist Paul Cartwright (Father John Misty) and also a 60 member choir!!

artist website

live video "A Gospel of Elephants/Hpssos"

get in touch for shows in april 2015 & for summer festivals!!

see some tour impressions 2014: tour diary Dorian Wood

watch impressive videos here:
"La Cara Infinita" (acoustic/with chamber orchestra)
"Pearline" (live in studio)
...more videos

CocoRosie - Tales Of A GrassWidow

CocoRosie now introduce their fifth album Tales Of A GrassWidow, produced in collaboration with Icelandic composer Valgeir Sigurðsson and enriched by guest performances. Its a brave record, synthesizing electronic and organic sound to convey a futuristic, back-to-nature feeling. The sisters boldly tackle topics most wouldnt dare including child abuse, drawing parallels between the treatment of children, especially girls, as disposable and the destruction of the earths resources. Amongst the 11 tracks that weave together to create Tales of a GrassWidow is Gravediggress, whose recent release to the web saw CocoRosie warmly welcomed back by fans and critics alike.

CocoRosie @ City Slang

sheep, dog & wolf / new zeeland / "Egospect"

new video & single!

At just 17 years old, multi-instrumentalist Daniel McBride released the debut EP from his solo project, Sheep,Dog & Wolf in 2011. He wrote, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered all the parts himself in a home studio he set up in his basement. Its a masterpiece from one of the most interesting musician that we heard in the last years.

"...a young Sufjan Stevens" (The Guardian UK)

...returning to Europe in 2015

hear the 2011's EP

OY - No Problem Saloon

Electronica with Jazz-Hip-Hop & melody snippets // african inflected

Berlin-based band OY is Swiss-Ghanaian vocalist & musician Joy Frempong and drummer & producer Lleluja-Ha. New record "No Problem Saloon" is a collection of colourful songs weaving OY's own strains of electronica, whirling drums and captivating & humorous storytelling, laced with distinctly African musical and lyrical elements, "No Problem Saloon" is driven by Joy's soulful, melodic and arrestingly versatile voice. Joy gathered elements for this unique album during a series of trips to Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana and South Africa: the slam of a taxi door became a drum, an antiquated washing machine provided a bass sound, conversation and street noises started drifting in and out of the songs, and the lyrics were naturally developed from the stories and fragments of popular wisdom culled during these encounters.
This quasi-alchemical process worked wonders, and resulted in a mesmerizing and thoroughly engaging album, which OY have managed to masterfully transpose to the stage, as their exhilarating, dynamic live show has already electrified crowds at prestigious events such as Transmusicales, Les Eurockéennes, Sonar, SXSW, Montreux Jazz and more. .

07.05.15 Hamburg - Nochtspeicher / "Women in Jazz" --> tickets
08.05.15 Dresden - Groovestation / "Coq Au Vin"
09.05.15 Berlin - FluxBau / "XJazz Berlin"

festivals & one-offs in 2014 & 2015

OY on Crammed Disc
Arte / Metropolis

Ravens & Chimes - Holiday Life

Ravens & Chimes are five New York art school kids who recorded their debut album Reichenbach Falls in 2007 with Howard Bilerman (The Arcade Fire, Wolf Parade, Vic Chesnutt, Godspeed You! Black Emperor).
The bands second album Holiday Life was recorded this year by Howard Bilerman and Larry Crane (The Decemberists, Jenny Lewis, Sleater Kinney).
Frontmann Asher Lacks voice is unbelieveable great, the bands sound is big-hearted, indie rock balladry.

on tour in Europe 2015 - with new album!! - get in touch with us.


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